Rare and beautiful jousting or tournament... - Lot 77 - Thierry de Maigret

Lot 77
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40000 - 60000 EUR
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Rare and beautiful jousting or tournament... - Lot 77 - Thierry de Maigret
Rare and beautiful jousting or tournament armlet entirely etched and gilded in full, decorated with intertwined ribbons and scrolls. The stamp, forged in one piece, is surmounted by a crest ending in a small twist on top; at the bottom right, it is equipped with a spring-loaded push button and a pierced finger for attaching the chin strap. At the back, it has a tapered brass pencil holder; at the bottom, the first blade of the half-glove is attached with a screw. The double-slit mezail has square holes on the bottom and a threaded hole in the middle of the right-hand edge for fixing the jousting protection plate. At the bottom, on the same side, it is equipped with a spring-loaded push-button for attachment to the chinrest. On the right side of the chinrest, there is a hole and a hook to receive the finger drilled for the attachment to the patch. The gorgerin is fixed on the chinrest, also with a screw; it is formed of a main blade, half-round, engraved with oblique stripes, on which were fixed two additional blades (these two blades are missing on the stamp and on the gorgerin). Inside, there are still a few strips of white buffalo for the attachment of the padding and, in the chin strap, a large part of the padding in red fabric, stitched with red thread in the form of diamonds. This armlet has kept its fan plate for the joust, enveloping, on the left, the nut of the articulation axis of the three pieces, and hiding the square holes of the mezail; the right part is smaller, perforated with five rows of keyhole-shaped slots, in the middle, it is pierced by a hole for the passage of a butterfly screw for its fixing. The lower right part is cut out to leave the push button of the mezail free. (Some oxidation). Period, Austria, Augsburg, circa 1560/1580. Very good condition. Two helmets of the same series are known, one in the Musée de l'Armée, Paris, reference H 114; the other is part of the Wallace Collection, catalog reference A 188, reproduced in color in the frontispiece. These two pieces do not have the jousting protection piece; the one in the Musée de l'Armée has the threaded hole for the plate attachment; the one in the Wallace would not have been equipped with it. These helmets were used at the Viennese court during the time of Emperor Maximilian II.
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