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Ewer and its oblong-shaped basin in white biscuit with a blue background richly decorated with swans framed by lyres, palmettes, laurel friezes and garlands of flowers tied with ribbons and arrows. The handle of the ewer begins with a sphinx and ends on the belly with the head of a satyr. The handle is topped with palmettes, a caduceus and arrows treated with gold. The basin decorated on the outside wall with a frieze of palmettes alternating with ears of wheat in white on a blue background, the border surrounded by the head of a winged woman framed by griffins, flowers and palmettes.
The interior is patterned with vine branches finished in blue and gold. On the reverse side, a red stamp inscription "MRE de S.A.R. Madame Duchse d'Angoulème P. L. Dagoty à Paris".
Restoration period, circa 1818-1820 (accidents with the spout). H (ewer): 30 cm
Long. (Basin): 39 cm
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