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3000 - 4000 EUR
Oval sugar bowl in hard porcelain for a service, lilac or lavender base, wing decorated with ivy and dark lilac horns of plenty, gold threads; lid decorated with two flowering laurel leaves, golden grip; the back of the sugar bowl is marked in red: "Mre Mle de Sèvres - // -". (23 September 1803 - 22 September 1804), intaglio markings: 'L' and '- II -'.
Consulate period (Small restoration on the spout of the lid).
Length: 29 cm - Width: 18 cm

This sugar bowl is reproduced in the book "Napoléon 1er & Sèvres, l'art de la porcelaine au service de l'Empire" under the direction of Camille LEPRINCE, Paris, 2016, page 265, n° 93. It is probably the service purchased on August 10, 1807, by order of the Emperor, for the private service of the Prince of Baden.
See a very similar service, in the same work, drawing lilac background, reference 37, page 252, delivered on September 16, 1803.
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