ESTAMPES - TABLES and SCULPTURES of the 19th and 20th centuries - NEW ART - DECO ART

vendredi 24 juin 2022 11:00
Salle 10 - 9, rue Drouot - 75009 Paris
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ESTAMPS - TABLES and SCULPTURES of the 19th and 20th centuries - NEW ART - DECO ART


Thursday June 23, 2022 from 11 am to 8 pm


Telephone during the exhibition and the sale: +33 (0)1 48 00 20 10

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Sales conditions

Sales are governed by Articles L312-4 of the French Code of Commerce.

SVV Thierry de Maigret, as Sales Operator, shall serve as the Seller’s

agent, and all relations with bidding parties shall take place as described

in the present Terms of Sale.

Goods put up for auction: The details found in the Catalogue are

legally binding upon the Auction House and Experts assisting it, taking

into account any and all corrections announced upon submission of the

object and subsequently listed in the Record of Sale. Lining, parquet

work and sheathing shall be considered a preventive measure, and not a

defect; size, weight and estimated value shall be determined for guidance

purposes only. Prior exhibition of the item enables potential buyers

to form their own judgment of the condition of the objects put up for

sale. Consequently, no claims shall be considered once a lot has been

sold. The SVV remains at the buyers’ disposal for any information

required and invites all interested parties to seek information about

the lots.

Bidding: The Buyer is defined as the highest and final bidder, and

will be required to provide name, address, proof of identity and bank

details. All buyers are assumed to be bidding on their own behalf and

shall hold sole responsibility for their bidding. Should a buyer bid on

behalf of a third-party, the buyer shall provide the identity of the latter

beforehand, so that the invoice can be correctly drawn up. No changes

will be accepted after the sale. Should the auctioneer declare double

bidding to have occurred, the lot shall be immediately put up for repeat

sale, and all interested parties will be invited to take part in the bidding.

The auctioneer and experts reserve the right, in the interest of the sale,

to combine, split or remove any lot from the sale.

Purchase Orders: The Auction House may fulfil free of charge any

purchase order submitted in writing, by Internet or by telephone.

Buyers wishing to proceed in this manner may send in their request

in writing, 24 hours prior to the date of sale, by completing the

form provided along with a check or bank details. SVV Thierry de

MAIGRET will act on behalf of the bidding party, in accordance with

the instructions given in the form, in an effort to purchase the relevant

lot at the lowest possible price, not exceeding the stated maximum

figure. Should an equivalent bid be submitted in the room on the day of

auction, the bidding party present shall be given priority.

Telephone bidding shall be accepted where the lowest estimated price

of the lot is greater than €300. It is recommended that telephone bidders

provide a back-up purchase order which we will be able to execute on

your behalf, should we be unable to reach you. The Auction House

may not be held responsible for having failed to execute a purchase

order due to error, omission or dysfunction in telephone/Internet/

Drouot Live services, or for any other reason.

Payment of Agreed Price: Payment shall be made in Euros, immediately

after the sale. The successful bidder shall, furthermore, pay sales taxes

and fees in addition to the hammer price, amounting to 28.8% inclusive

of tax (22% before tax + 20% VAT) and 22.15% inclusive of tax on

books (21% before tax + 5.5% VAT). No lots shall be delivered to

successful bidders until the amounts due are paid in full.

Methods of payment:

- by check, along with valid personal ID, whereby due settlement

and transfer property will be subject to actual collection of the noncertified

check. Checks drawn on foreign banks shall be subject to prior

approval by the Auction House. Bidders are advised to secure, prior

to sale, a letter of credit from their bank in an amount close to their

intended highest bid and to provide it to the Auction House

- in cash, not to exceed, taxes and fees included, €3,000 where the

bidder is a private individual or professional entity residing in France,

and €15,000 where the bidder is a private individual residing abroad,

subject to proof of identity, proof of origin of funds, and statement of

declaration of the relevant amount to the Customs Authorities, further

to Decree 2010 - 662 dated 16 June 2010.

- by bank transfer (list order number)

- by Visa or MasterCard

VAT: Buyers not residing in the European Union may seek

reimbursement of the VAT included in the margin by sending the export

customs document (copy 3) to SVV, duly stamped by the Customs

Authorities, within two months following the sale. No tax-exclusive

sales document will be drawn up without official proof of export, as the

intra-Community VAT number does not constitute adequate proof.

Default of Payment: Payment by over-drafted checks or failure to

pay shall not incur the responsibility of the Auction House and,

consequently, releases it from the obligation to pay the Seller. In the

event of failure to pay within one month of being served official notice

by certified letter with proof of receipt at the addressee’s expense, and

in the event of failure to pay the amount due, the Buyer shall be charged

an additional fee of 10% of the final bidding price to cover collection

fees, amounting to no less than €300.

Enforcement of this clause shall neither: preclude the allocation of

damages or compensation; come at the expense of required proceedings;

nor pre-determine possible implementation of the “irresponsible

bidding” proceedings.

Irresponsible bidding: in the event of default of payment on the part

of the successful bidder, the item shall be put up for sale at the request

of the Seller, on the grounds of irresponsible bidding on the part of the

defaulting bidder. Should the Seller fail to make a request to this effect

within one month of the sale’s closing, the said sale shall be cancelled

by right of law, without prejudice to damages. Interest payable by the

defaulting bidder.

Collection of property: No lot may be collected until the related

invoice has been paid in full. In the event of payment of non-certified

check, collection of property may be delayed until actual collection.

Bulky items sold and not collected from Drouot premises by 10 AM

on the day following sale will be placed in the Hôtel Drouot warehouse

and remain entirely the responsibility of the successful bidder. Storage

fees payable by the latter shall be paid to the Hôtel Drouot warehouse

before release of the lots and upon presentation of proof of payment.

Small objects may be kept at the offices for 15 days following sale.

Beyond this point, €3 will be charged per day and per item for storage.

Export of Lots: Export of lots may be subject to approval, subject to

the Buyer’s responsibility. Neither the approval, denial of approval or

approval application time may be invoked as grounds for change in

payment deadline or cancellation of sale.

Pre-Emptive Rights: The French Government holds pre-emptive

rights on the works sold, by declaration immediately upon the

conclusion of sale, to the auctioneer. It may confirm exercise of this

right within a period of 15 days following the sale, in which case it

replaces the highest bidd