Six-light chandelier in chased and gilded... - Lot 176 - Thierry de Maigret

Lot 176
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Six-light chandelier in chased and gilded... - Lot 176 - Thierry de Maigret
Six-light chandelier in chased and gilded bronze; the shaft in the form of a vase with alternating busts of palmettes and a gadrooned base, resting on the crown supporting sinuous foliate arms of light with bitter flanks held by brackets with cherubs' heads; the basins "à la Bérain"; the base pierced with channels or trellised finished in seed. Regency period. (Drilled for electricity, accidents, partially dismantled). H: 57 - D: 72 cm More or less inspired by the lighting designs developed by André-Charles Boulle in the last years of the 17th century or the first decades thereafter, this chandelier is a perfect illustration of Parisian lighting at the end of the reign of Louis XIV and the Regency period. Its original composition is a free variation on some of the designs of French ornamentalists of the period, notably Daniel Marot (see an illustrated design in C. Demetrescu, Le style Louis XIV, Les éditions de l'Amateur, Paris, 2002, p.31, fig.15); and by Charles Le Brun. Brun; see a project for a chandelier with mascarons and a seed base reproduced in Le XVIIe siècle français, Collection Connaissance des Arts, Editions Hachette, Paris, 1958, p.114. Known models made in the same spirit include: a particularly elaborate early example that can be traced back to the work of André-Charles Boulle (illustrated in C. Demetrescu, Le style Régence, Les éditions de l'Amateur, Paris, 2003, p.48, fig.24); as well as a second one preserved in Drottningholm Castle (reproduced in H. Ottomeyer and P. Pröschel, Vergoldete Bronzen, Die Bronzearbeiten des Spätbarock und Klassizismus, Munich, 1986, Band I, p.53, fig.1.6.8); a third, the so-called "lustre of Frédéric II de Prusse", was bought by Frédéric II in 1748 on the Paris market and placed in the audience room of the Château de Sans-Souci, where it still hangs (see the exhibition catalog André-Charles Boulle 1642-1732, Un nouveau style pour l'Europe, Frankfurt, 2009, p.270-271, catalog no. 33); two examples belong to the collections of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (published in R. Baarsen, Paris 1650-1900, Decorative Arts in the Rijksmuseum, 2013, p.92- 95, catalog no. 16); last but not least, we would like to mention a chandelier almost identical to the one we are proposing, which was formerly in the Rodolphe Kann collection (see G. Henriot, Le luminaire de la Renaissance au XIXe siècle, plate 144, fig.1).
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