Gifts from the First Consul Bonaparte to... - Lot 128 - Thierry de Maigret

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Gifts from the First Consul Bonaparte to... - Lot 128 - Thierry de Maigret
Gifts from the First Consul Bonaparte to the commanders of the Spanish ships of the squadron of His Catholic Majesty allied to the French fleet during their stay in Brest in the year X : Necessary case containing a pair of naval officer's pistols given by the First Consul Bonaparte to Captain Bulron (or Butron). Octagonal then round barrels, the upper sides extending to the muzzles, blued steel, granite and gold damascened on the first halves of geometric decorations, oars, tridents, crescent moons, two ships, a flowered globe, trophies, arrows and quivers; on the blued parts they are signed, on the left sides: "Manufre à Versailles" and, on the right sides: "Boutet Directr Artiste - No. 136"; the ends are also gold damascened, adorned with an anchor surrounded by foliage and bear a sighting point; the barrels are fitted with a small hitch; 14 mm hair rifled caliber. Engraved breech tails. Flat-bodied, engraved and signed "BOUTET à Versailles"; flat swan-neck hammers; gold-plated firewall basins. Silver trimmings, hallmarked; bridges chiseled with a ship's prow in front and, on the return, an anchor, foliage and a cup filled with shells; fish-shaped rod entries; counter plates decorated with gadrooned palmettes; oval caps chiseled, on the sides, with two dolphins emerging from the waves and, on the ends, with a roped anchor surmounted by a laurel wreath, in the center a stylized boat hull. Crosses in light walnut, handles finely squared; the circumference of the caps decorated with pearls and, above, a rosette on each side. Fruitwood sticks with horn tips finished with an iron pastille. Total length 41 cm. Very good condition, close to new. POINÇONS : Rooster 1st title of the departments, 1798/1809. Guarantee, head of man of the departments n° 88 for the Seine-Inférieure, Rouen, 1798/1809. Goldsmith: "J. M" surmounted by a star (not identified). Mahogany veneered wooden case; inside the lid girdled, on the sides, with green cloth and trimmed, in the middle, with green morocco gilded with irons, decorated with a leafy frieze around the edge, a trophy with an anchor, two crossed cannons and cannonballs, in the four corners; in the center, the inscription: "GIVEN BY THE FIRST CONSUL BONAPARTE TO CAPTAIN BULRON, COMMANDER OF THE BRIG OF HIS CATHOLIC MAJESTY THE VIGILANT YEAR X. DE LA RÉPQUE FRANÇOISE". The interior is lined with green cloth; the outlines of the pistols and accessories are bordered with a light green thread braid. It is complete with all its accessories in fruitwood, brass and steel; oblong powder flask covered with green shagreen, silver spout. 50 x 31,5 x 10 cm. (Box: a small crack in a corner, on the lid; some minor wear and tear to the green cloth; missing the key). Very good condition. Consulate period. BOUTET Nicolas Noël, born in 1761 † in 1833, famous director of the manufacture of Versailles, from the year II to 1818; he worked mainly on the weapons of reward, the weapons of honor and the weapons of luxury, as well white as with fire; these reached a world fame, by their quality of execution and the originality of their models. He had in Paris a depot of the manufacture, 1236 rue de la Loi (rue de Richelieu) in the year XI, then, 87 rue de Richelieu in 1807; one finds him, as a private harquebusier, in 1823, 23 rue des Filles Saint-Thomas, where he exerted until 1831. He had a son, Pierre Nicolas, born in 1786 † in 1816, which explains sometimes the inscription: "BOUTET et fils". EXHIBITION : "Napoleon and the Legion of Honor". Musée de la Légion d'honneur from March 20 to June 20, 1968, n°28 of the catalog, reproduced. BULRON or Diego BUTRON Y CORTES : Lieutenant General of the Navy, born in Medina Sidonia (Cadiz), died in Madrid in 1842. He began his military service as a marine guard in the department of Cadiz, on November 5, 1773; he embarked on the vessels Princesa and San Pedro, assigned to the protection of ships coming from America. Promoted second lieutenant of frigate, in 1779; embarked in the Atlante, of the squadron of Mr. Luis de CORDOVA, he took part in the first campaign of the Channel. Promoted to second lieutenant in 1780, he took part in the second canal campaign in 1781, also under the command of CORDOVA. In 1782, he took part in the attack on Gibraltar. Embarked on the Terrible, he was at the battle of Cape Espartel, with the combined Spanish-French fleet, commanded by Mr. Luis de CORDOVA, on October 20, 1782. In 1784, he was present on board the San Fermin, in the second expedition against Algiers, and he took part in commanding the Bombarde n° 24 in the attacks against the said place. Lieutenant of frigate, in 1793, embarked on the frigate Casilda of the squadron of Mr. Francisco de BORJA, he took part in the war against the Republic
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