Oriental dagger, handle in the shape of a... - Lot 116 - Thierry de Maigret

Lot 116
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Oriental dagger, handle in the shape of a... - Lot 116 - Thierry de Maigret
Oriental dagger, handle in the shape of a cane handle or crutch (zafar takiya), made of grey-green jade; rounded ends curved downwards, set on a gold background with small rubies and emeralds forming flowers; circular base decorated with four rubies; underneath, a vermeil ferrule decorated around the edge with small semi-spherical pink stones. Square section blade, entirely damascened with gold on the upper part, decorated with inscriptions on all four sides, in a large cartouche, followed by foliage; one of the inscriptions bears the date: "1127" of the Hegira, i.e. approximately 1715. Round section scabbard, silver vermeil, with embossed decoration of flowers, foliage and geometrical figures; wooden interior; the upper part, forming a cap, in vermeil cut and openwork, descending on both sides, represents ribbons paved with roses, rubies, emeralds and, at the ends, a small flower set with three sapphires; in the middle, on each face, a flower set with diamond roses; the end of the scabbard carries a green-gray jade bouterole, carved with a flower bud which ends with a small gilded silver tip forming petals; above, we find a small ring in vermeil inlaid with flowers and paved in suite. The dagger is presented in an antique case in the late nineteenth, girdled with red velvet and beige silk on which is glued a label: "DAGUE of oriental work, the handle in gray jade is inlaid with colored stones set in silver gilt. The blade is in steel nielloed with gold, the scabbard covered with gilded silver, has its end made of grey jade, it is decorated with embossed and chiseled ornaments and is adorned with appliques set with roses, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. (Would have belonged to H.M. Abd-ul-Hamid.)". Length of the blade 37 cm, total length 51 cm. Period, Mughal India for the handle and Turkey, 19th century. Good condition.
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