Six pieces: - Mr. Pierre Valentin, Chevalier... - Lot 30 - Thierry de Maigret

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Six pieces: - Mr. Pierre Valentin, Chevalier... - Lot 30 - Thierry de Maigret
Six pieces: - Mr. Pierre Valentin, Chevalier d'Urimesnil, captain of infantry, three certificates of his services in the armies of Louis Joseph de Bourbon, Prince de Condé, in 1795, one given at the headquarters of Uberlingen on October 1, 1797, signed: "Louis Joseph de Bourbon", dry stamp; another given for the campaigns of 1791 and 1793 until 1795 in the army of M. the Duke of Bourbon and since until this day he served in the noble infantry and was found in all the affairs which took place, made at our headquarters on February 16, 1801, signed: "Louis Joseph de Bourbon" and another dated January 8, 1801. - Brevet de chef d'escadron au sieur Bigault d'Avancourt François, garde dans les gardes du corps de Monsieur, compagnie d'Escart, pour tenir rang du 1er juin 1801, donné à Paris le ... February 1815, signed: "Louis" and of the Minister Secretary of State for War Gouvion Saint-Cyr; dry stamp with the arms of France. (Missing in the middle of the document). - Document on parchment, partly printed, of the regiment of Durfort dragons, dated Versailles, February 24, 1788: appointment of a second lieutenant, Mr. François La Gorge. - Nomination of a second lieutenant in the regiment of Ile de France, January 20, 1790, document on parchment. Good and rather good condition.
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