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2000 - 3000 EUR
Beautiful hard porcelain plate, the wing is gilded in matt and shiny gold, decorated with flowers and medallions with various trophies; the centre is painted with an allegory of the passage of time, youth and old age represented by an ancient ship sailing on the sea, a naked standing woman wearing a wreath of flowers, holding the mast and, in her right hand, a large wreath of flowers, she is draped with a piece of green cloth depicting the sail; on each side, an angel, the one at the back, young, playing the lyre, with multicoloured wings, the other, at the front, older, with grey wings, holding a sickle in her arms and leaning on an hourglass.
Marked in hollow on the reverse: "N" in the English style.
Period, Paris, First Empire (very good condition).
Diam: 23,5 cm
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