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Two hard porcelain plates of Sèvres or Paris, blue wings with gold and silver leafed friezes; in the center, one decorated with a view of: "FONTAINEBLEAU", the other with a view of: "VERSAILLES", marked on the back: "Coté du jardin"; they do not bear any mark of Manufacture.
Louis-Philippe period (Very good condition except some slight wear in the friezes around the painting).
Diam: 23.5 cm

Provenance: Hôtel des ventes de Chambéry, April 27, 2015, n° 66.
Two plates of this service, marked by the Manufacture de Sèvres, are known:
- One with a view of the castle of: "TWICKENHAM NEAR LONDON", marked on the back: "HOUSE OF SIR GEORGE POCOCK" (former residence of the English admiral George POCOCK, 1706/1792); Sèvres mark of 1833. Exile residence of the Orleans family in England; this service was ordered by King Louis-Philippe to be offered as a wedding gift to his daughter Louise Marie d'Orléans, Queen of the Belgians; it was delivered in several times, in 1832 and 1833. Sale Collin du Bocage, 23 June 2017, No. 133.
- The other with a view of: "CHÂTEAU DE VALENÇAY", reproduced in the book Talleyrand à table ou la cuisine des Princes by François BONNEAU, curator of the Château de Valençay, 1988, on the first and fourth cover pages. Private collection
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