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Porcelain plate with polychrome and gold decoration in the centre of botanical flowers in a gold cartouche formed by a frieze of posts and inscribed Amaryllis de Broussonet, the wing decorated with a frieze in brown monochrome of floral and vegetable scrolls with birds interspersed between golden friezes. Blue mark with two L's intertwined with fleur de lys and SEVRES around 1815-1824, various decorator's marks in brown, red and gold, including 12 August 19, hollow mark 18-II 19th century (restored brilliance and retouching associated with gold on the edge, small wear) Diameter: 23 cm Origin: From the service "Lilyceae Light blue background with brown ornaments" of King Louis XVIII for the château des Tuileries. Ordered in 1819, several versions of coloured backgrounds were presented, only to finally choose the light blue background. A drawing by Jean-Charles Leloy kept in the archives of Sèvres-Cité de la Céramique and illustrated by Tamara Préaud, The Sèvres Porcelain Manufactory, Alexandre Brongniart and the Triumph of Art and Industry, 1800-1847, 1998, n° 49, p. 231, presents some versions. Another drawing closer to our model but with a Greek frieze and no posts, is kept in the archives of Sèvres-Cité de la Céramique (Inv. MNCS Vb4-1819-Services de table). Selected for Louis XVIII's table at the Palais des Tuileries, a part was finally delivered on order of January 9, 1820 (Inv. MNCS Vbb 6 f° 46) and some of the pieces were presented at the Louvre Exhibition from 1820 to 1821 with the description of the bottom of the rim of the plates and ornaments imitating agates or chalcedonies engraved in cameos. On each piece, one or more flowers of the Liliaceae plant family, painted after the colourful engravings of Mr. Feared by Mr. Drouet. The service is mentioned "completely finished" in May 1820 and each plate was sold for 75 francs (Inv. MNCS Pb4-1819-Services de table). Composed of more than 200 plates (plates, dessert, lunch)
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